Born in Tokyo, Japan, BLACK was destined to create a new face of the Yo-Yo world.

At the age of 14, BLACK picked up his first Yo-Yo to embark on a most incredible journey as a professional performer. At first he couldn't do even the easiest trick. It should have been easy, but he was not dexterous enough and hated sports. That was his first Yo-Yo experience. But after one week practicing, his throw became exactly the same as in the instruction video. He noticed that Yo-Yo had the possibility to be the first object for him to be good at. It was a pilot light for his passion.

BLACK entered the days of training. 10,000 hours of practicing took him to the title of world champion in just 4 years. He won the World Yo-Yo Contest held in Florida, USA. It was not achieved by his talent, but by his extraordinary effort.

Though his dream to be world champion came true, nothing changed in his life. Yo-Yo is not a division of the Olympics and not major sport. There was no value to his achievement in real society even if with the title of world champion. He lost his passion and lived many spiritless days for many years.

After graduating his university, he became typical Japanese worker as a systems engineer even though he was world champion. He felt his passion, heart and soul had left his body. He felt he was not alive anymore.

He started to consider what he should do. And he remembered very impressive juggler from the show "Dralion" by Cirque du Soleil. He thought, "I want to do this.”.

“I want to make my performance better to show on stage how spectacular the Yo-Yo could be, to change the public's image of the Yo-Yo."

BLACK felt his passion was returned to his mind. He quit his company and started a career as a professional performer.

Luckily, Viktor Kee, the juggler who had a performance in Dralion, came to Japan that same year. BLACK thanked him for his inspiration and gave him a DVD of his performance. Viktor watched it and told him "Your technique is so great, but the movement of the body is not enough. You should learn dancing." BLACK started to learn ballet, jazz dance and acrobatics to make his movement clean and look better. It surprised him because when he was a boy, he was not good at and hated sports. He couldn't imagine such a future.

In the year 2009, BLACK passed an audition for Cirque du Soleil and started to perform in their latest touring show KURIOS as the first and only one Yo-Yo artist from 2014. Who could imagine that just a Yo-Yo could take him to the stage of his dreams?

These stories of effort and passion fascinated world famous conference. BLACK had a presentation and performance at TED. This is one of the most famous and creative conferences in the world and of course no Yo-Yo people had ever been on their stage. This pressure did not seem to faze him. BLACK's ability would lead him to success and he was recognized with one of the biggest standing ovations.

Now a days, BLACK continues to push the limits of Yo-Yo performance with his uncanny efforts and perform world wide to share his massage "Passion makes impossible possible". And talk his experience and the knowledge he leared to let people how to find and achieve their true dream.

To help everybody to enjoy their life filled with the happiness is the joy for BLACK.

"Live our limited life, happy"
It's my wish to encourage this hope everybody wish.

"The way to find the true dream"
"The way to achieve the dream found"
"The passion makes impossible possible"

These are my messages.
I wish everybody to walk on the life they wish by their own foot.
I help everybody to enjoy their life filled with the happiness through my performance and talk.




  • USA California TED2013
  • USA Washington D.C. IMPACT2013
  • Mexico Ciudad de las Ideas
  • and more

Corporate Clients

  • Harley-Davidson Japan K.K.
  • Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
  • The Institute for International Business Communication
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited
  • Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
  • Charles Schwab
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Visa Inc.
  • Cisco India
  • and more


  • Indonesia, Bali Green School

  • Pearson Education Asia "Longman English Spark!"
  • and more

Festivals, Theater, Corporate events and many more.