90 second short performance.

A highlight package of Yo-Yo tricks that includes lighting a match with a spinning Yo-Yo, a programmable LED Yo-Yo, the Yo-Yo splits, and BLACK’s classic tablecloth trick.

Though he couldn’t do any of these tricks 10 years ago, through his commitment and passion, BLACK make these moves look effortless in an act that ignites audience passion.

Illuminate the World

BLACK’s signature Cinema Connected Yo-Yo performance, combining live action with a programmable LED Yo-Yo in sync with original music and dynamic animation projected on a large screen.

In this stunning fusion of live action, video, and music, all combining to showcase BLACK’s mastery of the Yo-Yo, a new genre in performance art has been born.

TED 2013

BLACK’s talk and performance at the world famous original TED conference on the theme of passion sets the stage for his performance as a Yo-Yo Samurai.

As TED curator Chris Anderson says, his presentation won a standing ovation and created a sensation online, with over 15 million views across different channels.

Talk until 3:30. Performance starts from 3:40.

Cirque du Soleil: Kurios "The Master of time"

Footage from BLACK’s performance in the Cirque du Soleil show “KURIOS” with BLACK cast as The Master of Time. Performed as a feature artist solo act in over 500 Cirque shows, in front of a total live audience of over one million people.

Original Stitch

World Champion-level tricks make for a dramatic promotional video. BLACK appeared in this video for custom dress shirt service Original Stitch, drawing hits on their social media channels. All tricks were performed while wearing their beautiful custom shirts.

Table cloth trick with a Yo-Yo

BLACK controls the Yo-Yo like a part of his body. In his original Yo-Yo table cloth trick, glasses are set in a pyramid on a table cloth and filled with wine.