The way to finding and achieving a dream
Based on BLACK’s experiences that have made many dreams come true

Photo by TEDxSapporo

“I want to be happy,” is a common desire that everyone has.
However, very few people clearly define their answer to the question, “What does happiness mean for me?”

“Win the World Yo-Yo Contest,” “Perform with Cirque du Soleil,” “Speak at a major TED conference.”

The reason BLACK could achieve his many dreams started when he defined my own happiness and chased true dreams that led to that happiness.

Today, BLACK lives each day happily.
And like him, by sharing his experience of taking on new challenges, engaging with the world, and spreading hope through his life story, he wants everyone to live happily every day.


Getting to the core of an issue: Motivating employees

Focusing on the term “challenge” in motivational talks often leads to discussion of how to overcome difficult tasks, but BLACK thinks that clearly defining the issues is more important.

Rather than being given a task by someone to tackle, understanding the true purpose of a task is critical to innovating and growing as a person who is capable of completing it. Eschewing an established solutions-based approach, BLACK explains how to tackle unprecedented tasks by breaking them down to their elements and cultivating deep awareness of their purpose, an ability useful in many business scenarios.

BLACK shares the pleasure of making the impossible possible by showing how to define a challenge, breaking down a problem into its core elements, and “practicing the ways to create a solution, techniques he has learned through years of experience and successfully achievement of his dreams.

How to find your dream

This talk is ideal for students and people at turning points in life, such as job hunting or career change, or anyone looking for answers.

In recent years many people say that the number of young people without dreams has increased. It was the same for BLACK. As an elementary school student, he didn’t have a clear dream.

Even after they become adults, not many people can clearly imagine what their real dream is. When we face a turning point in life without our own dream, it is difficult to choose a convincing path.

BLACK will share his ideas about how to find your true dream: a dream not given or forced on you by someone, but one you find yourself, that provides you with the true passion to achieve it, even if it seems impossible.

BLACK helps you to find your true dream – and also the path to achieve it – in a life filled with happiness.

TED Talk

BLACK gives his TED conference presentation, on the theme “Passion makes the impossible possible.”

BLACK is the first Japanese person to ever have spoken at the original TED conference.

This story of personal growth based on his own experiences won a standing ovation from a thousand guests and celebrities at TED2013. It is a story that is just as powerful and moving today.

In addition to the TED talk itself, BLACK can talk about his experience as a participant in the original TED conference.