From the experience made many dreams come true
The way to find and achive dream

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"Want to be happy". It is a common hope that everyone has.
However, not many people clearly define "What is the happiness for me".

"Win the world Yo-Yo cintest", "To perform in Cirque du Soleil", "To be a TED speaker".
The reason why BLACK could achieve many dreams is nothing less than "Defined my own happiness and chased true dreams that lead to the happiness".

Now a days, BLACK lives very happily everyday. And want everyone to live happy everyday.
BLACK's talk is the experience of sharing the challenges, the world and hope from his life-size growth story.


The way to find the ssue

This is mainly aimed for corporate clients to motivate employee.

In general, the term "challenge" tends to pay attention to the part of "how to overcome difficult tasks", but BLACK thinks that "what to set as an issue" is more important than how to overcome.

Rather than clearing the tasks given by someone, understand the true purpose and find the task on the way to the purpose. How to overcome an unprecedented task, an unestablished situation of solution method. Isn't this the ability required in many business scenes?

A thorough awareness of purpose and task assignment. In order to clear the problem, BLACK examined all means and practiced, and achieved the purpose.

BLACK will share the pleasure of making impossible possible by telling "how to find a challenge" and "how to solve a problem" that BLACK has cultivated through experience so far.

How to find your dream

This is mainly aimed for students and people coming to turning points of life such as job hunting or career change.

In recent years, it is said that "Young people without dreams have increased". It was the same on BLACK.When he was an elementary school student, he did not have a clear dream.

Even after becoming an adult, not many people clearly imagine what the real dream is for themselves. When we face to the turning point in life without our own dream, it will be difficult to choose a convincing way.

BLACK knows "How to find a true dream". The dream not forced by someone but found by myself provides you the passion to achive naturally even if it seems impossible.

I hope you to find your true dream and walk a life to chase that dream filled with the happiness.

TED Talk

BLACK will reproduce the presentation at the TED conference.

BLACK was the first Japanese to speak at the TED conference. The content was "Passion makes impossible possible".

The growing story based on real experience won standing ovation from 1,000 celebrities.

In addition to speech reproduction, it is also possible to talk about experiences in the original TED main conference.