Serial Dreamer

After I returned to Japan, I started work on creating a new act. A new style of performance was growing that fused live action with video projected on a large screen. Taking the idea from LED juggling props, I wanted to develop a new Yo-Yo prop, a programmable LED Yo-Yo, and my idea was to combine it in what I called “Cinema connected Yo-Yo.”

Of course I couldn’t do it by myself. An electronics company, video producers and many other people helped me. After 8 months in the creation process, I finally had my new act “Illuminate the World.”

At the same time as I completed this new act, I found a new title that perfectly explains me and my many works: “Serial Dreamer.”

It doesn’t just mean “Continuous Dreamer,” but rather a dream evangelist. I recently heard “Many young people don’t have their own dream” or “They don’t even have something they like” quite often. I had made my dreams that are considered quite difficult come true, such being World Champion, speaking at TED, and performing in Cirque du Soleil. Not just a single dream, but made many dreams come true.

I don’t have any special natural talent, so it has been a very long and not very elegant journey. However, because I faced my own life and took my own happiness seriously, and really wanted to make my dream comes true, I was able to overcome every difficulty.

How to FIND a dream and how to make it come true. By sharing this with everyone, I can live a happy life and feel alive. I realized this is what I can do and I want to do. So I started on a new path of “Yo-Yo Performer and Serial Dreamer.”

Through performance and talk, as an evangelist of dreams, I would like to tell everyone that “Passion makes the impossible to possible,” and “How to find the definition of happiness and find your dream.”

I don't know whether I will succeed or fail. The only thing I can say is that there is no failure in life and everything is an “Experience towards success.” I will continue to bring happiness to as many people as possible.