Serial Dreamer

After I returned to Japan, I started working on create new act.

One style of the performance had been becoming major, the fusion of live performance and the video projected on the screen.

And a prop had already developed as the juggling prop, programmable LED Yo-Yo.

My idea was the acting style combines these two called "Cinema connected Yo-Yo".

Of course it had not done only by myself. Electronics company, video production and many people helped me. And after the 8 monthes creation, finally I could create my new act "Illuminate the World".

And almost at the same time as the act completed, I found a new title explain current myself perfectly through many works.

It was the title "Serial Dreamer".

It doesn't mean just "Continuous Dreamer", more like an evangelist of the dream.

I heard the voice "Recently, many young people don't have their own dream" or "They even don't have something they think they like" very often.

I had made my dreams that are generally considered to be difficult, such as winning world championship, to be a TED speaker or to perform in Cirque du Soleil come true.

Not only a single dream, but I made multiple dreams come true.

But of course I didn't have any special talent by nature.

It was vely long and inelegant journey.

However, because of I faced with my own life seriously and thought of my happiness seriously, I really wanted to make my dream comes true and was able to overcome any difficulties.

How to FIND a dream and how to make it comes true.

By telling this to everyone, I can live a happy life makes me feel lived.

That was what I can do and I wanted to do. I realized that.

I began a new path as "Yo-Yo Performer and Serial Dreamer".

Through performance and talk, as an evangelist of dreams, I would like to tell everyone that "Passion makes impossible to possable" or "How to find the definition of happiness and how to find a dream".

I don't know whether this succeeds or fails.

The only thing I can say is that there is no failure in life and everything is "Experience for success".

I will continue to bring happiness to people as many as possible.