after TED

At the TED conference, I did the speech, not only the performance.

TED asked me "Please share your story behind the excellent performance".

And that speech was evaluated even more than the performance.

VIP attendees came one after another to me and said like this.

"I also had various ups and downs until today. Your story is the same as my story. I couldn't listen without tears. Thank you very much".

"The society in the future will be built by the young generation. The education, the process for them to be an adult is extremely important to make a better society. If they could find the passion like you, that will support them to live in their growing. We would like you to help us in the field of education.

I was very surprised.

In the beginning, everything was started from selfish wish "Want to be a hero". That wish made a dream "I want to change public's image of the Yo-Yo better for the Yo-Yo community".

But while I was listening to the TEDsters, I realized that "I seem to have became a person can help not only Yo-YO community but much more people before I knew it".

After I returned to Japan, I started to focus on talk as well as activities as a performer.

I want to help many people.
It was only the thing I thought.

One year later, in April 2014.
Suddenly, one mail arrived.

The realization of dreams came in abruptly.