About six months before "Yo-Yo Samurai" was completed, I was giving a speech at the conference called TEDxTokyo.

TED is a conference to present "Ideas worth spreading", and past speakers include Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bono, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and many Nobel Prize winners.

TEDxTokyo was one of the biggest domestic TEDx at the time (independent TED-like events) and seemed to be high-society event have no relationship with me.

But I had a speech at this TEDxTokyo from this mysterious fortune. My message was "Passion makes impossible possible". And this speech got one of the biggest standing ovation on that day from all the great business person.

I thought,

"This is not the place like the circus I was aiming for. But isn't this the same in the meaning of "The place society paying attention"?

"If I could stand on original TED stage in the future, doesn't it also change public's image of the Yo-Yo?"

And in 2012, an audition to select the next year's TED 2013 speaker was held at the best timing.

Fortunately, I had completed the performance work in the previous year. I challenged the audition with that performance "Yo-Yo Samurai".

And as a result of the audition, I was elected as a speaker only one speaker from Japan. It was the birth of the first Japanese TED speaker.