First person passed an audition for Cirque du Soleil as a Yo-Yo performer.
My heart was filled with a feeling of accomplishment.

"My parents felt worry about me for a long time. But finally , I got an achievement I can let them know with confidence!"

I was proud of that.

But according to a subsequent information from Cirque,

"People passed an audition are officially registered in the artist database of the headquarters. We will contact to you again when we need you to join in the show".


Is there any difference between the registration from the website anybody can do and my current status?

Did passing an audition just mean "It got a little bit easier to be found by the casting team"?

Indeed, there were no contract with them at that time. I could not feel anything more than that.

On the other hand, I did passed the audition. There was no way to approach to Cirque side any more.

I felt a sence of "stacked" condition.

Time flows as it is, 2010, 2011.

Due to the impact of the East Japan Earthquake, Japanese domestic entertainment market became self-restraining tendency. Not only I couldn't be closer to Cirque, even the opportunities to work as a performer were decreasing.

Although I had a desperate feeling, things will never be improved even if I just stay at home.

"Ok then, I'll make the year as a year of practicing. As long as the possibility to be invited to Cirque still exist, I should prepare the act not needed to be embarrassing as "Cirque du Soleil's first Yo-Yo artist".

I decided so.

First of all, I borrowed a rehearsal studio in order to make a performance for the big stage.

It was difficult for me to borrow a large studio with my revenue at the time, however, I could save the fee by using from midnight 0:00am to 6:00am.

Also, I asked lathe engineer to rebuild my Yo-Yo which had been stopped in prototype state.

I had already calculated ideal size as a Yo-Yo for the performance.

But in the prototype, it was a ridiculous heavyweight because of the material aluminum, the glove to protect my hand melted in 5 seconds by the heavy friction between string and glove.

Therefore, I cooperated with a company "Kikusui Forging" and made a magnesium Yo-Yo which is a lighter material than aluminum.

It was still heavier than a normal Yo-Yo. But as a Yo-Yo of an insane size, it became can be handled it somehow. I helt "If I train a lot, it might be possible to use in the show".

At the same time, I asked composer Hideyuki Fukasawa to make special music music for the performance.

Even though it was a rewuest from an individual and he was in the busy schedule, he responded politely and seriously. I am still really thankful to him.

Practice environment, exclusive yo-yo, and special music.

Everything I needed was complete.

Supported by many people and after the repeated midnight practicing, I finally completed the act "Yo-Yo Samurai" at the end of 2011.

And this act, aiming for Cirque du Soleil, was to come out to the world in an unexpected way.