Cirque du Soleil audition

The sequence to be on Cirque du Soleil stage is different in each artist.

Some people try to an audition and some people receive an offer directly without any auditions.

In my case, I registered my profile on Cirque's website as soon as I debuted as a performer in 2007.

This registration is opneed for anyone. And hopeful people from among will receive an invitation for the audition, I heard.

In 2009, when two years passed since I registered my profile, the opportunity to try an audition finally came.

At that time, there were no Yo-Yo performers hired in the history of Cirque du Soleil. I was put into "other" category in the audition mainly for gymnasts.

When I arrived at the venue, there were many world-class athletes.

While the audition progress to practical skill test or improvisational dance test, those athletes dropped in front of me halfway and halfway.

I had two secret strategies for this audition.

One is an original Yo-Yo that was made in a Japanese local lathe factory.
It was a special big Yo-Yo look good enough on the big stage even on Cirque's.

Another is the ballet I had been learning since two years ago.

Since I knew the information "There is an examination of improvisational dance at the audition" in advance, I have been taking lessons of jazz dance and contemporary dance, as well as increasing the ballet lessons.

Due to the effects of these countermeasures, I not only passed the practical skill examination but also passed the examination of the improvised dance which some of gymnasts were struggling.

All the judgments of the day have been recorded and they said the final result will be sent to us after the reconsideration with the video at the head office.

A month has passed since the audition, 18th December 2009.
It was about to my birthday, nothing special scheduled.
My phone rang. It was from Cirque du Soleil.

"Congratulations, you have passed the audition."

I was at the restaurant at that time, however, I shouted.

"I passed it !!!"