Job hunting

Although I kept competing after the victory, it was just "coast" honestry.

Such attitude was also reflected in the results, I dropped my ranking to 3rd and 7th place.

Then, I became a 3rd year university student, and the time of job hunting came.

While my friends started moving steadily, I thought like this.

"Must I do the normal job hunting even though I'm a world champion?"

I felt very strong sense of resistance for job hunting because that means "World Yo-Yo champion has no value to get job in the real society" and "My efforts were meaningless" for me at that time.

But it was real for me that it was difficult to earn enough income with the Yo-Yo and there are no alternative options besides that.

I decided to start job hunting for the moment.

Because of I wanted to finish my unwilling job hunting as soon as possible, I decided to enter a company gave me an initial job offer and I ceased job hunting.

Of course there was no sudden change like Yo-Yo jobs increase after that, I graduated from university and I entered the general corporation as it is.

It was in April 2005.