Job hunting the wrong way

Although I kept competing after I won, to be honest I was coasting, an attitude that showed in my competition results, as I my global contest ranking dropped to 3rd and then to 7th.

By then I’d become a 3rd year university student, a time when job hunting begins in Japan. While my friends moved into job hunting mode, I was still thinking “Do I have to job hunt even though I’m a World Champion?” I felt strong resistance at that time because to me it meant “Being World Yo-Yo Champion has no value for getting a job in the real world,” and “My efforts were meaningless.”

But the reality was that it was difficult for me to earn enough income with the Yo-Yo, and there weren’t any alternatives. I decided to start job hunting for the time being. Because I wanted to finish my reluctant job hunting as soon as possible, I accepted the first job offer I received and quit the hunt.

Of course, there was no sudden surge in Yo-Yo jobs, so after I graduated from university I entered corporate life in April 2005.