World champion

The Yo-Yo boom calmed down in about two years, but my Yo-Yo fever had been increasing rather than cooling down.

My skill was not very good during the boom because of nature clumsiness. But when my Yo-Yo history reached to 3 years, my skill had got better and competed Japan national Yo-Yo contest.

And in 2001, I finally won the Japan national Yo-Yo contest. Furthermore, I won the world Yo-Yo contest held in Orlando, Florida, USA. I had became a world champion I was wishing for.

"I did it! I've became a cool HERO I wanted to be!"

Indeed, when walking in Orlando's shopping mall the next day of the contest, a passers-by people said "Oh, you are the champion won the contest yesterday, aren't you!?". I felt ecstatic.

But when I returned to Japan, there was no such hero treatment as a matter of course.

The interviewers did not rush to the airport and I didn't get any prize money.

I just returned to a university student, nothing special.

"I should have worked terribly hard, but will not anything change if I become a champion ...?"

My passion for the Yo-yo was gradually lost.