Releasing passion with the Yo-Yo

I got my first Yo-Yo in the summer of my third year at junior high school. At that time, there was a huge Yo-Yo boom in Japan. At first, I thought: “Even though it’s popular, the Yo-Yo is just an old toy. It doesn’t sound cool.” However, when I saw champions demonstrating their smooth skills, this old toy looked more and more cool.

Like all boys, I wanted to be cool. I thought: “If I’m good with the Yo-Yo, can I be cool?” It didn't take long for a boy searching for something to rescue him from his low self-esteem to see the possibilities the Yo-Yo offered.

When I got my first Yo-Yo, I couldn’t even do the simplest trick. I thought that champions must be people with special talent, and given my previous experiences it would be impossible for me, so I was almost ready to give up.

However, after one week of practicing a basic trick, in a total fluke I succeeded in doing it once. “I could do it!” It was a beginner’s trick that most people can get in ten minutes, but for me at that time, it was my first experience of success, “making the impossible possible through my own efforts.”

I still remember that moment vividly: “The Yo-Yo might be interesting…” I was totally into this simple toy.