The Yo-Yo

I took my first Yo-Yo in the summer of a 3rd year junior high school.

At that time, there was a huge Yo-Yo boom in Japan.

"Even if it's popular, Yo-Yo must be just an old toy. It doesn't sounds cool".

I thought like that at first.

However, when I saw champions showing their cool skills, just an old toy supposed to be stupid were seeing cooler and cooler.

"If I'll be good at Yo-Yo, can I be cool?"

Want to be cool.
That's the wish of admiration that every boys have.

It didn't take long time until the boy who was searching for something can rescue him from low self-esteem took the Yo-Yo seems to have that possibility.

When I got my first Yo-Yo, you couldn't even do the simplest trick.

"As I thought, the champions are people with special talent and it's impossible for me as always..."

From my previous experiences, I almost gave up as saying, "I may be a resident of the world can't success anything for the rest of my life".

However, after one week of practicing, that basic trick was succeeded once by a total fluke.

"I could do it!"

It was a first step trick, most beginners can get in ten minutes.

However, for me at the time, it was the first experience of success, "making impossible possible through efforts".

I still remember that moment vividly.

"Yo-Yo, this might be interesting ..."

I was totally deprived of my mind by this simple toy.