A boy with low self-esteem

When I was a child, I had low self-esteem. There were many reasons, but the main one was bullying. I don’t remember the exact cause of the bullying now. Perhaps there wasn’t one big reason.

However, childhood experiences are a major influence on personality, and I imprinted the self-image that “I am a weak person,” and thought “I will never be good at anything.” Being no good at sports or physically coordinated simply reinforced this self-image.

My parents worried about my being bullied and recommended I go to a private junior high school to avoid trouble at the local public school. Because of my fear of escalating bullying, I decided to take the junior high school entrance exam. Fortunately, I scraped through the exam to get into my first-choice school.

Though I was relieved, I soon found a new weak point in “Studying English.” At elementary school my study scores were OK, and study was the only thing I was confident about. But my scores in English never improved, and I was failing tests regularly. I wasn’t good at sports, wasn’t coordinated, and my study wasn’t any better. I completely lost my confidence and became depressed... until I met the Yo-Yo.