A boy had low self-esteem

When I was a child, I had low self-esteem.

There were many reasons, but the biggest reason was bullying.

I don't remember the exact cause of bullying now. Perhaps there was no big reason.

However, childhood experiences influence personality a lot.

"I am a weak person"

That self-image was imprinted. I grew up as a child has a prejudice "I will not be able to be good at this again" for anything.

Being poor at any exercises or sports might also helped to consider "I'm weak".

My parents worried about bullying and recommended me to enter private junior high school to avoid entering the troubled local public school.

"If you enter a local junior high school, you may be bullied even more, you better to enter private".

Because of the fear of escalating bullying, I decided to take a junior high school exam.

Fortunately, my study score was not bad and I was barely able to pass the exam for my first choice school.

I was relieved, however, the enxt thing waiting for me as my new weak point was "English".

When I was an elementary school student, "My study score is not bad" was the only confidence I had. But the score of inexperienced "English" did not grow as I expected, always almost failing score.

I am not good at any sports, not dextrous. And the result of my study is not good.

I completely lost my confidence and became a depressed boy.

... Until I met the Yo-Yo.