Touching hearts with the performance of a lifetime

Photo by James Duncan Davidson

Turning a simple toy into performance art, BLACK’S shows are much more than a display of a World Champion’s Yo-Yo techniques. They express his life story and the many years of challenges he faced to become the very best.

“Passion makes the impossible possible.”
BLACK’s show provides a living expression of this message.



“Storytelling” is a highly effective way to share your message, creating empathy to heighten the impact on your audience.

BLACK does story telling by the Yo-Yo.

Telling your story through his Yo-Yo, BLACK rivets audiences’ attention, creating a strong and memorable impact for your message and product, as a dynamic spokesperson for your brand and organization.

Photo by Andy McGovern
Inspired by Japanese Style: Expressing the Samurai Soul

Performing in Japanese costume with Japanese music, BLACK’s unique Yo-Yo act captivates with its innovative expression of the Samurai spirit. This is the performance that won him a standing ovation at TED2013, and subsequent worldwide recognition.

Cinema connected Yo-Yo: Breaking the barriers of live performance art

BLACK’s Yo-Yo fuses real and imaginary worlds in a truly memorable act. With the dramatic movement and dynamic changing colors of his programmable LED Yo-Yo “7-Magic” choregraphed to original music and compelling animated visuals projected on a large screen, BLACK breaks the barriers of live performance art.

On request, BLACK can customize his act and movies to integrate corporate logos, product images, or other key visuals.

Intimate: BLACK unplugged and up close

This simple unplugged act showcases the wonderful technique that made BLACK a World Champion and Cirque du Soleil performer. This popular act is excellent for intimate events such as anniversaries, awards parties, or ceremonies where attendees can get up close to the action and tricks.

BLACK can customize the performance with special tricks involving audience participation to add extra excitement.