90 seconds short performance.

Fire the match by spinning of the Yo-Yo, programmable LED Yo-Yo, splits and table cloth trick. Many tricks are packaged in this short performance.

BLACK couldn't do every tricks 10 years ago, however, he got them with efforts and passion. The act ignites audience's passion.

Illuminate the World

This is the movie of his signature performing style "Cinema connected Yo-Yo", performance in front of the screen with programmable LED Yo-Yo.

Perfectly controlled LED synchronises with movie and music. And with the skill of Yo-Yo master BLACK, new performing art had been born.

TED 2013

World famous conference TED had BLACK as speaker and performer.

He talked about "The passion" through his story and performed the act "Yo-Yo Samurai".

As TED curator Chris Anderson says, his presentation won a standing ovation and created a big hit online.

Talk is until 3:30. Performance starts from 3:40.

Cirque du Soleil: Kurios "The Master of the time"

A footage of his performance in Cirque du Soleil "KURIOS".His character was "The Master of the time".

Performed solo act as one of featured artist in over 500 shows and attracted more than 1,000,000 audience.

Original Stitch

Impressive tricks creates impressive video for the promotion.

BLACK had performed for custom dress shirt service "Original Stitch" and hit countless views in facebook.

Performed with their beautiful shirts.

Table cloth trick by the Yo-Yo

BLACK controls the Yo-Yo like a part of his body.

He can do "Table cloth trick" by the Yo-Yo. This is his original trick.

Glasses are set like a tower on the cloth and filled with real liquid. One of the most popular trick in BLACK's show.